How Do You Play Toma Todo?

Toma Todo! Winner Take All!

Enjoy this fun and exciting game from Mexico that has been played by children and adults for decades. The game is played with a 6 sided top called a "Topa". Two or more people can play this game and the lucky winner is the player with most points at the end of the game. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The rules are simple.


Players start the game with 100 points. Each player puts 10 points into the jackpot. This version is played using multiples of 10 points.

Under options, select "0" as the number of players, and play your own version of the game. The default setting is set to "0".


Players tap on the top and follow 1 of 6 possible results once the top comes to rest.

The 6 possible results are as follows:

Toma Uno = Take One (Player takes 10 points out of the pot)
Toma Dos = Take Two (Player takes 20 points out of the pot)
Toma Todo = Winner Take All! (Winner takes the entire pot)
Pon Uno = Put One (Player puts 10 points in the pot)
Pon Dos = Put Dos (Player puts 20 points in the pot)
Todos Ponen = All Put (Each player puts 10 points in the pot)


The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. A player that does not have enough points to play the game is out.

If the Jackpot is empty at any time, players contribute another 10 points each into the jackpot. If a player cannot contribute, their game is over.

Game play is available in English and Spanish.

Various versions of the game can be played with the default setting of "0" players. This setting will let the user use the top itself without the other player icons.

The idea is that you can play the game in a live social setting with any number of players.  Place your iPhone in the middle of the table and take turns tapping the top.  You can use whatever items you like to play with.

For example, use either points, chips, tokens, or even marbles. Children in Mexico play with dried pinto beans. ms each player must contribute to begin the game, decide who should spin first then begin game play.  Players take turns tapping the top image on the iPhone and follow the top results. That's it, have fun!
 email us if you have any questions about the game!

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